Wool Blue Plaid Komon

Love the long sleeves. Will look great with my Ume Obi or Paper Crane Obi. Wearing it with my Ume Obi for my birthday!


Ro Flowing Waters Obi

Went a little Obi-crazy recently, but that's good- I'm usually kimono crazy! I loved the flowing water design on this ro obi, and I think it will be the perfect match for my ship kimono.

New Favorite Obi! Paper Cranes!

I was so surprised that I won this! I've tried to obtain a paper crane-themed item for the longest time, and this just happened to be my favorite design. Wonderfully, I can pretty much wear it with any kimono I like!

Striped Odori Kimono w/ Date-Eri

Incredibly roomy and very comfortable.

Ume Obi

It's my birth month flower (February) so I thought it would be a good winter obi.