Polka Dots!!! Summer Kimono

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Priscilla said...

Hi Amanda! Thanks for visiting my blog ^_^ I'd replied to your comment there, but thought I'd post one here too :)

Nowadays, most girls wear hakama for graduation and for things like musical performances. I've read somewhere that hakama generally means "serious and/or academic pursuits", so most ladies wear them in association with something they're dedicated to. Also, in the Meiji era, Japanese girls wore them to school everyday as a sort of "uniform", I think.

Still, I think it'll be alright to wear hakama for cherry blossom viewing :) I know I would wear my hakama anywhere! But that's just my opinion ^^;; And generally, my opinion is accepted by my friends as 'occasionally very weird'~ :P

Btw, I really like your kimono collection, especially that purple ame coat! XD